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We are gearing up for springtime on the farm and will welcome piglets in April.  We love our pigs and we raise them humanely. The pig pens are huge and allow for 200 sqft per pig. They run, play and eat very well with scraps from the garden and non GMO, no corn or soy premium feed. We raise the hogs and then help facilitate the butchering process through Erickson's Meats in Ellensburg. Mark is a great butcher and provides many options for customer cuts and smoked selections. They brine and smoke to order and the results are great especially the bacon perfectly salted and with a hint of Maple! All of our hogs are $7.00 per pound and this covers every part of the process, there are no other fees. The weight of the hogs are base on hanging weight which is the carcass minus the head and guts. Our average hog weighs about 250lbs and will be ready mid-November to December when they will be a great addition to your dinner table.

  • Deposit: $400 for a whole pig and $300 for half a pig

  • Final Cost: $7.00* a pound and the average hanging weight of a hog is 250 pounds

*Due to rising costs of feed we may need to revaluate an increase in the per pound cost. Returning buyers will get first pick of pig weight

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