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Whole, halves and quarters available in 60 days. $7 a pound based on hanging weight.

Our herd has matured and we are ready to start taking orders for beef. We have 1/4, 1/2, 1 whole cow shares available. Choose your desired share size, we collect a deposit specific to the size selected. Once we have 3/4 of one cow sold we will move it to a lush field and begin to feed grain. The meat will age for two weeks then be cut based on your selections. You will be able to choose from many cuts and ground options. From deposit to the grill will take approximately 8 weeks. This is also available for non CSA members so tell your friends and family.

Our beef is grass fed in Ellensburg and finished with grain for one month to ensure a very tender steak. Our beef ranges with a herd of over 200 cows on 1400 acres. Aside from the occasional fertilizer on 600 acers of hay fields, this is as close to organic as you get.

Image by Alaina McLearnon
Beef Shares Available!: News
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